Exakt Lite has been updated to v1.1

Exakt Lite has been updated to version 1.1.

We have fixed a few bugs and added a few things, many thanks for all the bug reports and feedback!

  • Fix: The plugin crashed on Mac systems without Metal support. Supporting these now.
  • Fix: In VST3 the plugin displayed always the preset name 01 (Dreampad) even when another was saved in the DAW.
  • Fix: When the LFO shouldn't be synced to the DAW tempo, the rate would show the synced values when the plugin was opened again.
  • Fix: Performance improvements.
  • Change: The preset name doesn't contain the preset number anymore.
  • Change: The Windows installer now allows to select the VST3 directory.
  • Change: The synced LFO rate knob snaps to the available values.

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