New synthesizer plugin release: Silk

We're happy to announce our latest synthesizer plugin.

Silk is a virtual analogue synthesizer plugin dedicated to a single waveform:
The sawtooth, which is among the most used and common waveforms to create sounds with subtractive analog and virtual analog synthesis.

Silk has got two sawtooth oscillators which each generate an unison sound of 7 combined voices.
These parts in this "multisaw" can be detuned and blended in, leading to a very rich airy and bright sound with lots of interesting harmonics.
An additional noise oscillator can add some dirt.

These oscillators build the sonic heart of Silk. This sound is then shaped by the filter. In addition to the classic low, high and bandpass filters often used in subtractive synthesis, Silk has also got a formant filter which produces voice-like sounds.

Combined with a flexible modulation matrix, a creamy chorus, stereo delay and reverb effect, Silk has got sounds that can be used in all types of electronic music.

Read more about Silk and listen and watch to sound demoes and videos.

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